Blithe Spirit
Madame Arcarti

“Constance Meccarello was colorful and exuberant in the role of Madame Arcati, the eccentric medium, the role originated on Broadway by Mildred Natwick and in the movies by the last Margaret Rutherford. Ms. Meccarello was the only burst of spontaneous applause during the evening in Act 2 Scene 2 with her marvelously timed exit line directed to Ruth to “Stew in your own juice”.
– The Ledger by Ernestine Donaldy

Acting Award
Poughkeepsie Girl Given Acting Award

“Constance Meccarello daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Constantino Meccarello a freshman at Florida Southern College received the Best Actress Award for her part in the musical “Where’s Charley?” She was selected for Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic society.”
– The Poughkeepsie Journal

Lord Mayor’s Wife

“Constance Meccarello handled the role of the Lord Mayor’s Wife with broad humor.”
– The Ledger

An Italian Straw Hat
Baroness De Champigny

“Constance Meccarello was able to put across the highbrow sophistication of the Baroness and had the ability to laugh during a good portion of her lines.”
– The Ledger by Sandra Baldwin