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Snowball the Sherlock Rabbit and the Case of the Missing Fur

The Sherlock Rabbit, Snowball, is on the. case. He grabbed his Sherlock hat and cape and plans to search for the missing rabbit fur. How dare someone clip his fellow rabbits!



Armera colonized by wizards escaped a Great War. They sent a group a wizards to Vesti, in case war arose again. DeMartize has been kidnapped by evil twins, Karl And Sak. If DeMartize is not returned war will break out. The high wizard brings Peterzik and Cedric together, two 14 year olds with various skills to go on a quest for the return of the DeMartize. Peterzik’s knowledge and Cedric’s accomplished thievery make them the perfect pair. Guided by a vision, the two set out on their long and dangerous journey across challenging terrain. They’re beset by many daunting creatures; these include the Snow King, a fire dragon, a water monster, and a kingdom of bats. They have to defeat the powerful and wicked twins, hoping to rescue DeMartize before war is declared.

Murder at Hassle High

Maria Bruno arrives at the office of Principal Booth for a meeting and all is quiet. Slumped over a table Mrs. Booth, a letter opener sticking out of her back. Maria calls the police, and in walks Detective Viola, tall, dark, and handsome. Viola cautions Maria to not investigate the case, they will, of course, wind up working together. Viola will need all the help he can get: A student is stabbed during a rehearsal of Hamlet, and Maria becomes a target of the mysterious killer. Things heat up when we learn that Mrs. Booth was planning to retire—with a substantial financial cushion. The quirky plot is entertaining, well-paced, and filled with a large cast of malcontents, nearly all of whom are viable suspects. Especially charming is Maria’s 10th-grade English class—the Nut Squad. A fun, twisty mystery. Click image to purchase

Summertime Murder at Hassle High

Maria Bruno Cohen wanted a calm summer before she took her French cruise to decide if her future would be with the Hunky Detective Joe. Viola or her husband Al. But the new Principal of Hassle High was missing and Maria is needed to fill in. When missing involves murder Viola joins her and the chase is on. Click image to purchase.

French Cruises Can Kill You

Cozy Mystery with Death, Romance and twists on a French cruise with the Hassle High group. Complete with occult, kidnapping, and French recipes. Click image to purchase.